Grin Groove on Songs and Soundtracks
"Grin Groove" composed by John Scott G
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Grin Groove introduced a new genre of dance music. Combining house, jungle, and spoken word, Scott G called on all his experience from years in the studio producing radio commercials and creating audio for television.
          "Moby meets Devo!"
               "Moby meets Bowie!"
                    "Rhythm of machines & melodies of the heart!"
Imagine You're Flying: Morosi Lounge-Chill Remix (excerpt)
(C) Scott G / Golosio Publishing (BMI)
Slide/Slam/Go (excerpt)
(C) Scott G / Golosio Publishing (BMI)
Jam Socket Tango (excerpt)
(C) Scott G / Golosio Publishing (BMI)